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A Big No-No - text


I remember when I was younger
and I couldn't wait to grow up
Thinking life will be so much better
once I become an adult
Years have passed, and now I'm older
With more resting on my shoulders
Thinking life would be so much better
if I was not an adult

Do you know how much time I had to sacrifice?
All the work, and the stress,
is it worth the price?
Ooh, little girl me,
that's the me I wanna be
Since this new me
has all the responsibilities

With everything reaching sky-high
I have fear that I can't deny
Just thinking about growing up
makes me wanna

'Cause growing up is a big part of life
Why can't growing up be
a big no-no?
How will I survive on my own?
I don't know
Trying hard to be perfect for nobody
Growing up makes me feel
less than so-so
I want this feeling to
just go, go
Does anyone even understand,
understand me?

Fears forever swirl
inside my head
I just wanna stay in my bed
I don't want to,
I will not move
'Cause then,
I have nothing to lose
Endlessly, I'm fearful of time
Is it okay how I spend mine?
With thinking about growing up,
I don't wanna

'Cause growing up is a hard part of life
Why can't growing up be
a big no-no?
How will I handle adulthood?
I don't know
Why must I go to an unknown destiny?
Growing up makes me feel
less than so-so
All fear it will not just
not just go, go
Does anyone even feel this way,
feel like me?

I am afraid
of so many
Am I hidden
and invisible,
you think?
Going through life somehow
despite everything
The people around me,
what are they thinking?
I feel
so weak,
Far from
I'm still
I'll go all day
Nothing's stopping me
Nothing's stopping me now
I'll keep going
I'm still growing
I'll make it somehow

I get growing up's not
a big no-no
How will I survive on my own?
I may not know
Going forward despite my anxiety
Will I make it just fine?
Yeah, I think so!
I am going forward!
I'll go, go!
It doesn't matter how I feel
inside me

'Cause growing up is just a part of life

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