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I la-la like it when my music makes me busy
When my music makes me busy
And I need it ‘couse to do what you love is the main thing
That is the main thing

Man ah busy with mi lyrics
Man ah busy with mi tunes
Man ah busy with mi chalice
Man ah got no time to loose

Man ah busy when me sleepin’
and even when me chew
Man ah busy with di message
that I try to get to yuh

Studio time, mixin’ and rhymes, backward neva, we haffi rise
Countin’ di minutes, writin’ di lyrics, quick but preserve di spirit

I am already late, but neva loose faith, we can do it till di end of the day
It ago pay, hear what I say, it’s neva too late fi di one likkle prayer


Dealine is callin’ ua-ua-oooo
It’s making me crazy ha-ha-ha-ha-ha
But now I know it what, what?
No time to be, no time to be lazy


Catch me nah easy
Text me nah easy
Call me nah easy
Cause mi business dat please me

Nevago leave it
Me haffi achieve it
Poky Djei and crew
Yuh haffi feel it

Yuh can call me entertainer
Sorry me busy to be your trainer
Man ah can fill hundred containers
With all those lazy crazy complainers

Bum bidi bye bye bidi bye bye
When me get mi mananananamanamajk
Man ah can fly, man ago high


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