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Tagteam Douchebag Queerbashing - text

Get in the ring motherfucker
It's time to smite your smile to mush
Where is the tough attitude you've shown
Since you fucked up your first crowd in the mosh
Is that your lifestyle being negative
I'm brassed of this everyday shit
I'm brassed of cracked fuckers like you
Disposal is my solution of it
And is that fake
Don't you live for that
Where is your heart
Where is your haughtiness
We don't give a fuck
Now who's the next
Stomping faggots out
What is that fake
Don't you live for this
Faggot where's your heart
Where is the haughtiness
Are you up to the brawl
We watch your life fall
Disrespect for disloyalty
Where is your honor
Where is your dignity
So tired of living your genuine life
Self aggrandizement and narcissistic personalty disorder
Ruined all that you've achieved
Never forget where you come from
This will be forever the place
That you belong
Spit it out
Don't take their shit
Prove your fuckin' grit

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We Were Never Meant To Be

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