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Victim of Circumstance - text


Two naked bodies
on a moonlit night
Rollin under the covers
She know it's wrong,
but won't put up a fight
The role of casual lovers

She justifies it's a human thing
Says it's only natural

Having sex it just don't
mean a thing
And now she's got her hands full
Flow could this happen
To a sweet little thing like you
Now the moments
of your life are few
Victim of circumstance
Even though you knew
You played the game
of chance You lose

Four compadres in the candle light
Melt down that powder
for pleasure
Pass around the pain of delight
A temporary treasure

The years go by and where
is all the fun you had
I hear your groans
of a life gone mad

Victim of circumstance
Even though you know you knew
And not the consequence
You lose

So what's inside your head
Remember what they said
You're gonna wind up dead

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