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Time to Learn - text


We direct these words to any man
who would have the arrogance to
squander the rain forest, as if it
where his own piece of real estate to
sub-divide for profit.

Nothing left but the memories
And the smoke of burning trees
Everything that you lay to waste
Repent in leisure

Act in haste
There's more at stake
Than just the air we breath
If you dare to hear
these words believe
Oh mighty wilderness
Your fate is in mans hands
Will promises turn to sand

Here today
Gone today
How many were there yesterday
Time is short and flying by
Is there time to even try

Each passing day it's
hard to count the loss
Is the price of greed really
worth the cost
Strip away a rain forest and rape
the mother earth
Before it's too late
Time to learn

In just a few moments the area
the size of a football field is
wiped away, gone, forever!

A cure for AIDS
The dying of an age
May pass us by,
what a price to pay
It was placed in our trust and we
destroy in turn
If it's not too late
Time to learn

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