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Just a Thought - text


Look and I see crosses burning
Blood in the streets
Another victim falls
You pray for peace
Are the children learning
Or waging war in
high schools halls

It seems the same I see no change
Is it our fate
No end to hate

Pilled from a car
A women is slaughtered
Hit sixty times
A king is dethroned
The guilty free
The city ignited
You're not even safe
in your own home

It seems a shame, but man he
won't change
And is's a curse getting worse

But I see a time in my mind.
Where hate is conquered
Blue skies and the wine and love
Is all that's offered you
Just a thought

And I see a time in my mind
Where hate is conquered
Blue skies and the wine and live
Is all that's offered
And we are color blind
And take the hand of every nation
But now in my mind
Just a thought
Leaves my heart aching

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