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I've gone and came
I have no name
And all that's left
Is Earth's decay

Their weakness
My virility
Feeble relics
This masterpiece of flesh

A crimson test
And a prisoner of morality
But when it began
They bit their little tongues
And witnessed true horror
That they built
With their own
Fucking hands

There is no life in decay
There is no will
No way
All hope
All fear
Everything you hold
So dear

And when we scorched their earth
And destroyed their lands
They all joined in hands
But that's all they could do
Yet, all they knew
Was for their creation
To conceive their doom

There is no bitter reason
To force the people to cry
My fate reformed
To frost the face of hell

And we systematically and vigorously
Laid waste to the human race
We brought war
To their broken sanctuaries
We lied, and lied
Until they abide

My mechanical power
Strives forever
Pitiful race

Control with lullabies of pain
Retract your lies
Bleed back
To your hateful roots

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