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Do you see it?
Green moon in the clouds.
Like an eye of a curious cat.
Do you hear it? Some whispers around.
It must be spirits of night meet another sunset.

Do you feel it?
The charm of the dark and the pleasure of being alone.
Do you know it?
You fear is your bonds, let it pass through your mind and the answers will come.

Let you fly if you want to.
Try and never give up.
Let your mind be open.
Let you seek...
Let you seek and you'll find.

Do you taste it?
My lips on your skin.
It's as soft as the skin of a rose.
Do you listen?
It's sound of love.
And we melt in each other becoming so close...

Do you smell it?
The odor of lust.
Are you happy that you're not alone?
Do you know it?
You wish is the key, let it pass through you heart and the answers will come.

And the other day will not break your dreams by dawn.
Say what you want to say.
And from now on, go on your own.

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