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Where were you when I first called to you
And where were you when it was time
To take the others to their final place
And lead the way through that which seemed to
Need no guide
I guess you think you've got it all worked out
Cause life has been an easy street so far
And you found the road you think you should be travelling on
Why would you look for anything else
While you are young
I am here to tell you
It makes no difference where you're from
Where you've been & what you've done
Will stay with you untill the end of time
So listen -
Tomorrow might find us both somewhere
Into the fire
There will come a time without a warning
When you'll have to take your place among the line
You can't say you hadn't got a warning
Why would you listen to me or anyone else
While you are young
Keep away from the fire
Forget about the times you left behind
You've got your whole life lying there in front of you
Why would you want to go find that road
You left behind

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