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Snake Pit - text


When it comes to heartbreakers I believe you take the cake
You could charm a rattle off a rattle snake

I've been hearing voices inside my head
Screaming you've been sleeping in someone else's bed

I'm gonna shock you (shock you !) till you realise
You're playing witha snake about to rise

Knock you to your senses for the sweet revenge of it
Drop you in & watch you squirm in the s - s - snake pit

There must be a better way to keep you from yourself
Fill you with psycotic dreams for your state of mental health
But you like the tough approach I know it all too well

I thought I'd found a way to change youur evil deeds
Lock you in a padded cell & throw away the key

Climbing the walls in a state of confusion
Caught up in the bottom of a snake pit of illusion

I'm gonna shock you (shock you !)
Shock you one more time

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