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Roadkill - text


You're speeding down the road with living on your mind
This travesty you're leading is deceiving you will find
Just when you think you've had enough you think you've had your fill
You turn the corner there it lies
Poor little roadkill

(Chorus - Everybody sing along now !) HEY - TIME

Your conscience full of gulit as you pass the corpse on by
You start to wonder what its like & how it feels to die
Flashbacks of Vietnam the training sergeant's drill
Murdered comrades strewn about
Just like the ROADKILL


Your term of existence left some lines upon your face
Welts of dishonesty of the bloody human race
People in their masses forget with drugs & oills
Sins left upon the body of the
Poor little ROADKILL


So Come forward - step in line & come & meet your fate
Cause that's not your mother's chicken dinner lying on your plate
It's mankind's distorted view frying on the grill
Behold the future from the eyes of the
Poor little ROADKILL

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