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It Seems to Me - text

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Lost inside - lost inside your mind
When you find yourself you're a million miles away
Lost inside - lost inside your mind
After all these years you know ther's nothing left to say
It seems to me you thought your life was made of gold
And you found your sanctuary in the stories that you told
But once again you made it plain to me
That you found yourself alone with only fantasies
(Repeat Chorus)
Do you remember when there was a time you had it all
And in your mind you'd hear the echoes of that mighty roar
They're only memories that shrivelled up & died
And you'll wake one day to find that life has passed you by
Now can't you see they left you standing in the rain
Cause you tried too hard & finally drove yourself insane
But you can't believe that's the way it has to be
Cause you cast your lot deciding your own destiny
(Chorus Twice)

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