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In God We Trust - text

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You never know when things will break
You never know what train to take
Every path you'd ever choose
Could this be the day?
Wedded to the big idea
Then split upon a train of steel
Things that shouldn't some how do
Did we really crash?
Late night government policy
Can't make one and one make 3
Calculate the size lobby
Buy another friend
On monuments the price gets paid
Another rent I have to make
Document the accident
Did we really crash?
Oh beautiful for spacious skies
Amber waves of grain
In you we trust our lives
Oh in the halls and the rafters on high
We await the fate
And all that you decide
Someone calls, someone gets caught
Something paid and something bought
Proper dress and social hour
Leave a paper trail
So innocent in each our seats
The daily choice daily repeats
The trust we pay machinery
Did we really crash?
Did we really crash?
Did we really crash?

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