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Daisy And Prudence - text

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Hey fashion doll
Take off the wall for me
Only me
You all pretty, pretty
With ribbons of indecision
And your lips well disguised
Hey fashion doll
Wake up, wake up
No one will see
This is a moment we'll mark time by
Say we did that when
Say we did that why
And the clothes do not make the man
Desire is dressing up Daisy
Prudence is putting on airs
And in September was indulgence and fall
So what makes us beautiful?
Daisy is as Prudence does
The fabric of seduction reveals
Beauty just because
Beauty just because
You're straddling me
Prudence she slowly, she takes off her
Daisy she fumble and laughs
And a meeting of the two is merely
Desire is dressing up daisy
Prudence is putting on airs
And somewhere in the middle you fall
You fall, you fall
Hey fashion doll
Well, you're straddling me

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