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Baghdad to the Bayou - text

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From baghdad to the bayou
In the desert or plaquemines
For every gallon spilled
We want to know where the payoff is
In the strip mines or the lower 9th
Fallujah to la fourche
For every gallon drilled
We're gonna organize for truth
Deep water horizon sound like
Deep water lies
Sounds like one hand washes the other
While our neighborhoods are dying
Street by street we will repeat
The revolutions of the spring
You can't stop a people
When a people start to sing
From tucson to kabul
On the border or in the hills
For every detainee
We wanna know where justice is
For every ballot by the bullet
For every election thats been bought
For every secret handshake
We wanna hold the mirror up
Who is watching the watcher?
Whose hand is in the pie?
Who is reaping profits
On the back of our coast lines?
For every feather oiled
For every katrina refugee
For every soldier in harm's way
We want accountability
From baghdad to the bayou...

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