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Thunder - text


Oh boy, I'm finally on the loose
So you best look out I'm coming after you
Paint my lips and line my eyes
I'm gonna lure you in with an innocent disguise like
Pardon me I'm liking what I see
If I'm not mistaken I saw you watching me
And with just one wink
Your buying me a drink
And now it's just a matter of time

Im Putting out that vibe
I'm giving you the eye
Hear the thunder of my heartbeat
Gonna hunt you down
I'll have you on the ground
Before you even know what's happening

You think that you have captured me
I'm just a pretty little catch that's bouncing on your knee
But when we leave my darling we will see if you are man enough to feed the animal in me, yeah

Don't you try to look me in the eye
Cause all this rapid movement is getting me excited
Arch my back I'm ready to attack
Let me show you what I got on my mind

Cause I'm prowling
You'll hear the thunder of my heartbeat
Cause I'm prowling
You'll hear the thunder of my heartbeat

Now this chase is picking up the pace
I come a little closer and give you just a taste
We're sure to come before the night is done
Now it's just a matter of time

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