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Open Your Eyes - text


Day after day
All I saw was you
And the sky came a tumblin' down
Smoke in the air
All I want is truth
I am a light that's aglow, that's alive
That's a warm place in your heart
You kept turning me on and off
'Til I went out and you were standing shivering in the dark

Open your eyes
And see me leaving
Closing the door
I won't think twice
When you come pleaing
Not anymore

Hope was a dream that I had of you
In the soft warm slumber of dawn
I must keep in mind
That reality can be painful if neglected too long
I am aware
That I will soon be released
To the mercy of a concrete jungle
I thought that I could glide right in
But instead
It's over loneliness and pride I stumble

Open your eyes
And see that I am not afraid of saying goodbye
Your strikes are up, I'm gone
So don't even try
'Cause I'm telling you right now
That I'm a free young woman
And I gotta be movin' on

Once I was lost in my strife
And getting you off was my life
I was in doubt, now I know
That getting rid of you was all I needed to grow
Once I was lost, now I'm found
With my adidas on the ground
Once I was blind, now I see
The negative effect that you were having on me

You're not the man
That I remember
Tell me your name
Cold empty seat
That long November
You never came

Open your eyes
And see me
See me leaving

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