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Head On - text


I was already late
Just trying to get to my destination
Kept my heart in a safe
To avoid any complications
Thought that I was okay
But objects may be closer than they appear
So I thought I was in the clear
Didn't see it coming but now we're standing face to face

You hit me head on
In a dead on collision
Feelings so strong
You made me lose my vision
Cause I thought that I could hear the brakes slam
Spinning out and it's too late
You hit me head on
In a dead on collision
With you

I was running the light
Trying to avoid the glances
I was ignoring the signs
Never wanting to take my chances
But something about the way you said my name
I came crashing into your lane
Now I will never be the same

Didn't see it coming
But, now we're standing face to face

So I'll take my hands, right off the wheel
See where this thing goes
Cuz I kind of like the way it feels
Driving right off the road
This happy accident with you has let me open up and just let go and lose control

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