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Deja Vu - text


There you are
I finally found you
And everything else goes dark
The music starts
But silence surrounds you
Can you feel it
Where have you been
You know I've been waiting
Making the bed for you
Now here you are
Here you are

Why do I feel like I've seen you before
This is surreal but I know it's for sure
How do I know what your about to say
Where does it go
I guess it must be faith

Ooh feeling like a deja vu with you
I'm feeling so in tune
Guess it's from the moonlight shining down on you
I think it's a sign
Written up in the sky
That I should be yours
And you should be mine
Ooh feeling like a deja vu with you

The song is sung
Your touching my shoulder
Something inside lights up
We are young but this is much older
Can't believe it
Reaching out
The planet is turning
Crossing my path with yours
Now here we are
Here we are

Why does it feel like I've been here before
This heart made of steel is melting down to the core
How do I know that your going to see so deep in my soul
I guess it's meant to be

The colors are brighter now
Lay me down it's like I'm floating above the ground
It's like the numbers, I've been counting down
All my life for this moment here it is

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