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I'm so hot and long
I've been waiting
A cup of tea to
cool me down
I can't look again
outside the window
and the fan just
keeps on spinning
round n round

(I'll keep it cool)
Telling you do
what you gotta do
(But I die inside)
Everytime I'm hanging
on the line

5 days 6 hours 10 minutes
I'm waiting
If you don't come soon
I'm-a have to help myself
There ain't too many girls
that are gonna keep me
waiting (tick tock)
if your love wasn't great
i would have
to hate myself

Phone rings and
I come rushing
but its just a bill
collector on the phone
Slowly down my face
the sweat keeps running
You got a grown man
crying like a baby
left all alone

(I'll play the fool)
Schedule time but
never schedule mine
(Please don't be cruel)
Let me know cos
I'm about to blow

[Repeat Chorus]

I can see us
on a crowded street,
but we're all anone
You and I were
meant to be,
but you may have
heard that before

[Repeat Chorus]

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