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I turn the radio on
and I hear your song
(blah blah la la)
I used to think we were
friends but I guess
I was wrong
(ha ha long gone)

I think it's funny how
Ya high and mighty now
So from all the
people in your circle
that you won't allow
Here's a little advice
I think you should know

Hey big time
Ya so famous
In the the big time
Up where your name is
You got one hit record
and you think
you're LEGIT
You got 15 minutes
and you think this is it
Hey big time
On the way back down
I'll be around

Someone sent me a link
I saw your new video
(well well well well)
I think I did that before
you're so original
(ha ha ha ha)

I think it's such a shame
You're caught up in the game
You think that you're on stage
24 hours a day
Here's a little advice
before you go...(crazy)

[Repeat Chorus]

You're actin' like
I'm stalking you
So I stopped calling you
I wonder why they
following you

[Repeat Chorus]

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