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Have To Say Goodbye - text


Feels like I’m just getting to know you
The conversation just got going
It’s been the perfect night
Everything’s just right
I can see the sun is starting to set
And we haven’t even started yet
Blame it on the moon
For showing up so soon
Caught up in a whirlwind
That I don’t want to ever end

Something ’bout this moment
I just wanna hold it
Never let it out of my sight
Something ’bout this feeling
I just wanna keep it
Last thing i wanna do tonight
Is have to say goodbye
Let’s rewind and start all over
Sing the song a little slower
Try to memorize
The way we feel tonight
Everybody knows you can’t stop time
That doesn’t mean you’re gonna stop me from trying
I just want to stay
Right here with you, right here with you
Caught up in whirlwind
And all I need is you and me
Right here together

[Repeat chorus]

Pretty soon tomorrow’s gonna come around
But, it’s not here yet, so we won’t let it bring us down
Oh bring it down

[Repeat chorus]

Last thing I wanna do tonight
Is have to say goodbye

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