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Walah Make It Disappear - text


Turn me up
Keep that right there
DJ Holiday, of course man
Holiday Sinatra on this one
Got my Italian cut suit
Kickin it with my brother Kevin McCall
That west coast shit you like baby
That's the definition right here
You make me wanna
Put that top down of that black car
Have a good time tonight baby
Let's go

Make me wanna sing, do ya?
Make me want it babe, you do
Make me wanna fly so high
I can touch the stars, yea
Send me to the moon
I'm excited by the very thought of you, you
Baby won't you follow me to my spot
So I can give this lovin to you non-stop
I'm feelin your body structure
It's makin me wanna touch ya
Grab you by the waist, bring yo body here
Baby work ya magic, make it disappear

She make it disappear
She make it disappear

Text přidal Moonblade

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