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Wearing White - text


Phones were ringing, tongues were wagging
Hot gossip was flying
All around town
She heard the talk, the lowdown was
The shameless color of
Her wedding gown

It´s white
I mean really who´s she trying to kid
Everybody knows the things she did
It just isn´t right
Won´t that be a sight
To see her wearing white

She was wild, a wayward child
To put it mildly
She made her life a mess
But she was young, the past is done
Now she´s in love
And putting on a new dress

It´s white
And it´s nobody´s business what she wears
Anyway the truth is she don´t care
Baby it´s her life
She´ll do what she likes
And she likes wearing white

He´s all nerves when he sees her
As far as he´s concerned
She´s an angel

In white
He just can´t believe that she is his
What a crazy miracle this is
Who she was he don´t mind
´Cause on their wedding night
She´ll be wearing white
She´ll be wearing white
She´ll be wearing white

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