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All Eyes On You - text


You've got the money
You've got the clothes
You think you've got it good
Well do you mind if I impose?
Plaster on your smile
So you can try and prove that you feel fine
Well deep inside, you're made so thin

And when you were on the other side
You manipulated lives
So you could have your way
To be so dependent on a man
It's just so lame

You're nothing complex
Yes I can figure you out
You're just jealous
That's why you're out and about
And it's sad to see such a beauty turn into ugly
When you open your mouth
It's a game
But you can play it well
It's a shame
I will be going to hell for this
But you can thank me one day;
The eyes are on you now
The eyes are on you now

Damn that girl is gorgeous
And what an innocent smile to match
It's almost as if that face of makeup
Is about to detach. Ha
Girl you're not so charming, because
Slipping into bed isn't the way to a man's heart
I guess you've never had to work that hard

And when I realized
You weren't even worth the stress
It all blew up in my face
Ya you caused this mess
And you got me, ya girl you got me
But look at you now


Flaunt your clothes
Flaunt your boyfriend
You're not so important
Look at you now
You're nothing complex
Yeah we all figured you out
You're just jealous
And you're just so insecure
It's sad to see such a beauty turn into ugly
When it opens it's mouth

It's a game, it's a game
Look at you now, look at you now
Is this what you wanted?
The eyes are on you now...

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