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Max Milner & Meanwhile in Tinseltown - Lemon .. - text


How can you drop it like that now?
Finally fell through your trap door.
How can I prove you were wrong when I lived in your song
but you went the other way

Next time when I prove you wrong,
I'll be singing my own damn song
Now you've seen me take a step backwards
but beware I'm preparing to jump

It's set in ink and so there's no plan B for us
I beg you agree that we hit hard enough
You're gonna have to see this with your own eyes to believe this
we musta just needed someone to dream with

So I'm on to the next thing now
tho I find it perplexing how; how
I can be your nearly man but really I'm not feeling that son.

And I, don't need you tugging on my collar
I'd rather beg steal or borrow for a while
while I hold tight, soaking in the lemon and limelight

slowly smoking in the lemon and limelight.

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