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Black Horse - text


woo hoo (x4)

Well my heart knows better than i do myself
so i'm gonna let it do all the talkin.

woo hoo (x2)

I came across a place in the middle of nowhere
with a big black horse and a cherry tree.

woo hoo (x2)

I fell in fear upon my back
i said don't look back, just keep on walking.

woo hoo (x2)

When the big black horse that looked this way,
said hey lill lady, will you marry me?

woo hoo (x2)

And i said no, no, no,no-no-no.
I said no, no, you're not the one for me
no, no, no,no-no-no.
I said no, no, you're not the one for me

‘Cos with the lyrics I’ll be aiming it right, I won’t stop till my name is in lights
At stadium heights with Damien Rice, on red carpets, now I’m on Arabian nights
Because I’m young I know my brother’s gonna give me advice
Long nighter, short height and I’m going hyper
Never be anything but a singer-songwriter
Yeah, the game’s over but now I’m on a new level
Watch how I step on the track without a loop pedal.

Big black horse and a cherry tree
I can't quite get there cause they've all forsaken me.

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