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Through the pouring rain I ride like a shadow across the land
All who dare oppose me will be struck down where they stand
Fire burns inside of my eyes, in my heart pumps blackened rage
I will rid this world of life and bring in a new ice age
No mountain’s too high, no ocean’s too vast – nothing you can do will save you
Walls of stone shall crumble down before me; there is nothing that I can’t break through
I will bring down the fury of the skies and torch this forsaken world
Ash and debris shall rain from above, let the banners of death unfurl
I, of the storm
Out of the darkness of the void the storm will rise
Tempestuous abomination brings the final demise
The earth will shake and lightning will strike like a wildfire in the sky
Stars fall into the rising seas – soon everything will die
Through the pouring rain I ride spreading death from shore to shore
When the raging storm breaks loose this world will be gone forevermore
I will ride through desert and snow with a wake of desolation
All of your gods have failed you now; I will bring on the end of creation
I, of the storm

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