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I know my time has come to die, but I’m not ready
I know I won’t leave this place alive
My courage fails me, terror setting in
My blood runs like ice underneath my skin
Honor’s dead and gone
There is no glory here
As I make my final stand all I know is the fear (death’s head)
Now my time has come
I’ll have no last goodbye
Only fear is by my side in the hour that I die (death’s head)
Vultures are circling overhead waiting for the feast
Stone cold sweat is dripping down my face in the desert heat
Out of the silence a revolver screams
A vision – death’s head come to set me free
Darkness falling over me
Death’s head come to set me free
I’d like to think that when I die my soul will ascend to the sky
But I know what awaits for me – a bloody death in agony

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