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Mammy blue - text

I may be your forgotten son who wandered off at twenty one it's sad to find myself at home

oh ma.

If I could only hold your hand and say I'm sorry yes I am I'm sure you really understand oh Ma where are you now.

Oh Mamy oh Mamy - Mamy - blue oh Mamy - Blue

The house we shared upon the hill seems lifeless but it's standing still and memories of childhood days fill my mind oh Mamy Mamy Mamy.

I've seen enough of different lights seen tired days and lonely nights and now without you by my side I'm lost how can I survive.

Oh Mamy....

Nobody who takes care of me who loves me who has time for me the walls look silent at my face oh Ma so dead is our place.

The sky is dark the wind is rough and now I know what I have lost the house is not a home at all I'm leaving the future seems so small.

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