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Gangnam Style - text

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Matty Gangnam style
Gangnam style
People stop ask me
How I' so fly when they walk past me
I've got this gangnam fever
Now I am dressign super flashy
In New York,
Yes the city known for making heavy hitters
Introduce you to my ladysitters

No control
This kid is literally off the d-bend
All that we were told was simply watch him for the weekend
Everything this kid is doing is like on some other lever
Hey wait! grab him before he gets in trouble

Mighty empire
Once Jay-Z´s empire!
No longer his, i run this biz

Here´s the stair door
We´ll all be done for
Yeah hold and wait
There´s just no way
A new york city bulding girl you must be cray
(cray, cray, cray, cray)

Matty Gangnam style
Gangnam style
Matty Gangnam style
Gangnam style
Gangnam style

Hey, can´t persuade yeah
Oh, Matty Gangnam style
Wait, Matty baby
No, no no,

Walking along just with my feet I´m feeling fancy
I spot another gentleman who thinks he can out dance me
He´s got style in his blood but I wouldn´ t wanna be ya
When I Gangnam like South korea

What in the world is Matty
That did not just happen
Get over here or else we´re grounding you from rapping
This fiasco is over!
We´re serious not another chance
I mean I kind of wanna learn the dance!

It so gets me, it´s so addictive
He just can´t quit! It looks logic
Can you teach us?
You can´t be serious!
Yes it goes right, then it goes left
Then it goes right-right now reverse the steps!

Oh, Cimorelli gangnam style!
Gangnam style!
Cimorelli gangnam style
Gangnam style

Yeeeah, can´t persuade us!
(oh, oh, oh, oh)
How we gangnam style.
Somebody save us!
(no, no, no, no)
That´s our gangnam style!

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