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When time is up tell me what you've got
and we'll make the best of it
Ain't it fun when you realise that you've
gone too far just a bit
I love life too much at a time
and that's killing me
I turned my head and you were gone

Tell me something, anything
to keep me from falling apart
Ain't got no money, no place to go
but I think I can live with it
When the walls are closing in
You gotta break the door
What you see is only skin-deep

Right now I'm done
I'd give anything for peace of mind
I'm not alright

When you stop laughing at yourself
that's when you're starting to lose your grip
You become an impersonal actor
Playing whatever role you choose
No one saves us from ourselves
And I'm my worst enemy
Every star shines bright
'till they fade away

I don't know how far I can go
I just hold on to what I know
Always searching for something new
and end up finding something else

Stand out! Loud 'n' proud
Give 'em everything you've got and give them more
Shine a light, shine bright
Whatever happens along the way is meant to be

Text přidal DarkSaga

Video přidala SuperSonic

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