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Hearsay Factory - text


You seem to know me pretty damn well
Why don't you lighten me up a bit
You do your homework
You got your name

No, I can't pretend that I'm having fun
You're worse than me getting your shit done
We ain't got much to talk about
You're so mean

You just don't get it
And I won't say it
You'll be like that forever
You just don't have
what it takes
You'd better watch out
or you'll be knocked out

The more I see the less I wanna speak
I'm learning to ignore everything
This keeping on is doing me harm
I get man

I gave you bad vibes, you sent it back to me
Whatever goes around sure soms around
I don't know much about life and I have seen a lot
I make the very same mistakes than you

Text přidal DarkSaga

Video přidala SuperSonic

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