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From My Mouth To Me And To You - text


I remember something so it’s here to stay

I’ll take the rap but please, will you go away

I’m sleeping through the day, it’s better this way

I don’t need anything, I just gotta leave this place

I’m on my way there now, forgot to give you a call

and I start again

Promising only wishes to myself

and I fall again

It’s something I can’t stop or even understand

It’s all clear but nothing you say is making sense

The meaningless of matters makes them matter but nothing really matters

Just give me a week and I’ll be right back home

One month behind collecting pieces back togheter

And now I’m just worn and weak

I am too tired but’ve had no chance to fall asleep

Looking for tomorrow and I’m scared as hell

From my mouth to me and to you!

Text přidal DarkSaga

Video přidal Louis16

Matthau Mikojan

Matthau Mikojan texty

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