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Here I am I’m a soul set free
Caught up in this Mystery
Jesus there is a hope I breathe
For you are in me, You are in me
Here I am with my Chains undone
Caught up in your victory
Singing Songs of a Higher Love
For you are with me, You are with me
And we are ever praising You.

You brought a blessing and the blessing was you
There was a treasure, and the treasure was you
Lord, we had nothing, now we have all things
We were the lost but found the truth
You brought a blessing, and the blessing was you

As I walk through the valley low
I will build a place of hope
Going on from strength to strength
Fro you are in me, you are in me
Nothing Good do you withhold
For the one who walks you way
I’d give it all for just one day
That you are with me, you are with me
Yes, we are ever praising you

Hearts can find no rest until they find you
You made us for yourself and we will praise you

Text přidal Louis16

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