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How Long (Unleashed Away) - text


I'm just trying to find me...
I'm just trying to find me...

You said I'm too proud to regret it
You never saw haow hard it was for me
To take control of my own emotions
To find a way to set myself free
So am I fine to play the role
Of someone long forgotten soul
But what is obvious is that you are so trapped
Inside your own world!

Somedays I wonder if I could
Be another kind of person, find another truth
I know these words all too well:
Be yourself, noone else - never break the spell!

How long?
How long will we hide what's going on?
How long will we stand alone?
To see
Whatever lays inside of you and me
It just needs to be unleashed away!

I said now I want to forget it
So many tears have rolled down in vain
And in the end it's just the same
'Cos I knowit will never change
I think I never satisfied you
Did you find it somewhere else?
No regrets, just keep on moving
You better trust yourself?

Somedays I wonder if I could ( ... )

I'm just trying to find me...
I'm just trying to find me...

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