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As world keeps turning, another book's burning
Another town lies under siege
Lies and betrayal, much more to unveil
And virtue lies far out of reach

Death bringing - we're bad to the core
Painstaking - can't stand it no more

On television they draw the decisions
They tell you to make up your mind
To spend all your money, there's no need to worry
They'll take care of you and your kind

Don't have faith - don't follow their way
Don't believe a word that they say

This world is godforsaken, the rule is money making
The weak must die, the poor must bleed
And our children will pay for
what we missed to get right for them but
We're blind for power, blind for greed, oh no!

Money keeps talking while billions keep walking
To get themselves something to eat
And no God will feed 'em, religion just bleeds them
While ten per cent take what they need

Look away - don't look in their eyes
Take great pride - when everyone dies

Look into the future
What will our children do?
To whom will they pray when Lord Mammon is gone?
What will they believe in
When there is no mind control
And no one is left who could save our souls?

Into the unknown...

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