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Tears on you Will never heal
‘coz you don’t change your mind to be safe
You’re going down But you can’t fail
Then you start to think in revenge
Fire is burning your brain Anger comes with the hate
Somebody is despising you You’re about to losing control
Reasons to steal Or even to kill
You screw up the world
Blood’s gushing out On your ground
This fight won’t never stop
Getting back at somebody else You feed your inner self
Reloading with the fuel of a new war That you’ll never take the control That’s revenge!
For whose justice you’re fighting?
Dominoes’ line has been knocking down
Don’t ya think that the world had it enough?
Or you wanna be part of this sea of blood!
Your brain is using for nothing
Soon or later will be your turn
So it’s better to do a break for the peace
Before you beg for your life
Down on your knees!

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