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Taste of Insanity - text


Controlled environment, raised the
suburban way, acid was his God
Youth experiment, never lived for today,
knew not what he had
He had it all, nothing lost and nothing gained
He had it all, now he's locked up in a cell

Scorned the one who paved the way
for you ripped apart his world
Bashed his skull to get the message through,
got what he deserved
He had it all, now it's just his ball and chain
He had it all, now he's locked up in a cell

Elevated problems that we often choose to ignore build
a sense of family values just prepare for the war
Heading for the fence it's just a fence of hypocrisy
one of the inventions that they do in eternity

Preach the sick and twisted values pleasures of
human live, push aside the fear of knowing we
must look deep inside, volatile offspring of the
world we all populate, when the mind is
overloaded we must accept the blame

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