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I am love, I am hate
I destroy, I create
A distinction of animal grace
I attack what I protect
I'm the cure and I infect
A behaviour of true savage race
I suspect what I trust
Remorse when I l***
What's in reach through guilt out of touch
Every pleasure is of pain
Every effort is in vain
It just feels like I'm trying too much
I wonder why I'm still suffering
Suffering, suffering
I wonder why I'm still suffering
I'm suffering suffering
I am first, I am last
The presence and the past
I'm the quieting core of alarm
I'm your enemy and friend
The beginning of the end
All the chaos surrounding the calm
Every truth is a lie
Gotta live, gotta die
One man's wrong is another man's right
Every fact is belief
Every poet is a thief
And each war is a peacemaker's fight

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Surface of pain


Masquerade (SW) texty

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