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Falling so deep
Bodies moving too slow
A figure in front of me
I feel your black hair
Brushing against the air
Your eyes like a pendulum
Getting trapped in the heart of your spider web
So blind and amazed to be your spiderman
Oh no, but it was not your goal
I look into your eyes I'm wondering
Did I took the right way? Will I see the end ?
you know
that you can handle me
Got hypnotized by this love
Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4
Can't you see I'm in the blur?
And I wonder
How to escape the trap?
Which way to avoid contact?
Got hypnotized by this love
Is there a cure for this?
Take a picture
Wanna see how absurd
The situation is for me
And I know for sure
That your smile is a trick
A two-way mirror for me
From top to bottom
Right to left
You may excuse my French
Top to bottom
Right to left
Your body sweating sex
Top to bottom
Right to left
It's so vicious
I might be right

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