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Dreamers - text

[Hook: 2AM Club]
Sleeping through the day
Wake up with champagne roll my a (ay)
I told my mother I would quit
What can I say
I'm still breathing
Falling in love every evening
So we just gonna stay
Teenage dreamers born this way
I told my mother I'd grow up
What can I say
I'm still breahing
Falling in love every evening
[Verse 1: Marvin Divine]
I can't sit around venting to my girl no more
I'm tryna get out and dominate the world for sure
I'm tryna give these guys lines they won't think to ignore
And just to rap for some change I'll fly to Singapore
Tired of laying on my back, thinkin' bout these artist
Tryna understand why the hell their bigger than Marvin
When Marvin got the flow, and Marvin got the rhythm
Why they ain't got Marvin, Marvin just don't get it
Remember at 17, I spoke to Mary J's label
Too hungry to know they fed fables
Eddie F said the mixtape was dope
He sent me a hot beat and he told me to flow
When I ain't get the green light something told me to go
The music ain't seem right so I put it on hold
For like a second, I came back in and broke necks
Gave beats the work but I never got a check (damn)
[Hook: 2AM Club]
[Verse 2: Marvin Divine]
And now I'm 20 and I hear people checkin' for me
And I'mma make 20 mill before I turn 23
And no I haven't signed a deal, I'm investing in me
And though it's taking kinda long I know it's destined to be
And with all honesty you need to acknowledge me cus I'm smarter than
All of these wanna be prodigy's I go harder than
And this whole industries been a tease I'm not part in that
All I need is a simple beat and a garden hat
Cus the green I see growing from my delivery
Will have me talking to banks like it's Carlton and Hillary
Wanted to be Will until I realized that I am legend
And for the doors to success I have been the key
Anyone can tell me stop but will I do it
Not unless my brain stops and doctors tell me that I'm stupid,
So admire my attire but most important my fluid
Cus the lines I am spittin' got listeners tryna do it dude

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