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Digusted by every family forced out of their homes
Appalled by the vampires sucking the blood from the land
Just victims of a crime committed on an industrial scale

I have seen the day fade to night
Vultures circle the earth

Burn down the forest
So they can't take it

This is your life, I don't want it
This is my world, you can't have it
I will not stand by and watch you suck the blood from the earth

I have seen the falling sky
I have seen the oceans rise
I have watched day fade to night
Vultures circles the earth

You are the vulture that encircles the earth
Pick out the eyes of every man that you serve
And when the predators have had their feed
You line your pockets with a wealth in greed

You scavenge every piece of human flesh
Taking everything until theres nothing left
I have seen the day fade into night
Vultures still circle the earth

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