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The Sectarian State - text


Theres blood in the water.
And sharks will come.
Like every powerful entity.
You try to hide the sins of your past.
I will expose them.
I will expose you.
Your lies and deceit won't fool me
You can run.
But you can't hide from me
I will hunt you down.
Your bullshit percieved differences between
those you oppose make me sick
We are all one.
Yet you persecute those for the colour of their beliefs.
The secretion of your verbal feces creates
insanity from the masses that follow your lead
The mass delusion of your false hysteria
created to serve dystopian ends
We cannot break free.
I could spend the rest of eternity savouring
the last few moments
I could spend a thousand years watching your empire crumble.
This is not a crusade.
But I have come to take what is mine.
Fuck you and your bigoted prejudice.

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