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Left beaten, not broken
We climb the heights again
To release an abomination
To put the world to rights

I hate this world of sinners
I can't stand the stench of humanity
Worlds collide, with no hesitation
I bring death to life.

All hail the end of days
The dark lord has woken

Plaguing the sons and daughters
He butchers the evil young
The stench of flesh fills my nostrils
Behold what I have become

Let go,
you've nothing to live for
Your death is predetermined
Try to run, there's nowhere to hide
Your life is being extinguished


I have spent so many nights
Platting my next move
Everything I've ever wanted
Dies with you
And when the end comes
And you're staring into oblivion
Remember that you did all of this
You dug your grave.

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