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The shadows are haunting me
I swear they're making it harder to breathe
I can't escape their watching eyes
They whisper to me, they fee me lies
Gasping for air, I watch you lose the light
Continually they probe my weakness
Waiting for the sun to fall
The night takes me
Endless torment
I always lose the light
My days are getting shorter
I have seen my own demise
Oh, it's a terrible thing to know you'll die.
There is a voice in the back of my mind
that speaks in tongues, oh it whispers lies
There is more to my blood and my flesh
And I draw every breath
Just waiting for death
They wait for me to make a single mistake
I cannot contain this incessant hate
My demons are getting the best of me
Set it free
Set my demons free
Start a motherfucking fire
No more mercy
Blood rage.

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