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III: Collusion (Feat. Jason Evans) - text

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I want to see the look on your face as i take your life away.
My tormented soul is quiet as I feel the flow of your life
spray over my hands.
I see your coward face and my rage can't take the strain.
Just shut the fuck up.
And stand up.
Stand up now!
You'll see my vengeance.
Red mist descends.
I can't wait to kill you.
You're rotting.
In the eyes of god.
Through your corpse on the floor I shall find my solace.
My lust for vengeance precedes all.
Precedes me.
I'll follow you past your fucking grave.
Who the fuck are you to tell me what to do
I will bring you down.
The depths of my anger at my unjust captivity
are only matched by the nature of your demise.
I will not be compromised.
The stench of your rotting corpse leaves
nothing to the imagination
Every seeping wound.
Every rotting organ leaves me entralled
if there was a god
I am satan.
Why can we give so much to a lie that does not return?
I gave up everything.
And I was betrayed.
Now we lie broken men.
And we die alone.

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