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Demon's In The Mist - text


We die alone,
Sad fact of life
But you're getting old
And there's a certain set of things
You gotta know:
You're not special
You're not even close
Stop fighting,
you're losing your will to live
I can see it in your glazed-over eyes
Disappointment lies in your wasted youth
The sad fact is you never had a chance.

You're still not getting it
The sad fact that you're still not questioning
I've been telling you since 2010
Freedom is still a fucking lie.

They've been walking round my town
Like they own the ground
Now they're hanging upside down
Tell me, who's the big man now?
Not fucking you.
Your ideology stinks like shit
I don't wanna be any part of it

Tell me, who's the big man now?

We will all die alone
There is no light
There is no way out.

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