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An Act Of Sedition - text

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A broken shell of what once was.
Enslaved by those who hate freedom of thought.
Synthetic lives lead by those made hollow by propaganda
Concious thought only made possible
to retain some aspect of humanities burden.
Chipped and tagged like animals
to track every movement followed
by the empowered to ascertain any infringements
of enforced doctrine.
This is the rise of the human degeneration to slaves.
Desecrating the rights of the majority
to uphold the wealth of the minority is the age
old tactic of establishments through the bloody history
of our futile attempts
to break free from the endless cycle
of master/slave relationships.
They are livestock.
Harvested for money.
Seditive thoughts lead to patriotic submission
to the powers that be.
Take one for the fucking team.
Undying loyalty to the hand that feeds is expected.
Only the strong survive we will surpass this day
Hatred spawned from the greed that we're subjected
to by the regime of existance by manufacture.
We will rise again.
Freedom is a fucking lie.

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