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(feat. J Black)
Stop calling, you bugging, stop calling, you bugging
Hey, hey, hey, thought we was through but now you wanna make up, hey, hey, hey
I used to be the one that call but now I'm fed, why won't you stop calling?
Can't you see you're falling?
Stop keeps... so move along the way
You keep on tripping bugging me every day
Even though we got a son together
We ain't gotta be together
When I was trying there was no together
And now you'd rather be together
Stop calling, you bugging, stop calling, you bugging
Hey, hey, hey, girl don't you get about over, let me help you out
Put the phone down, don't let these feelings take over
Just let the credits roll, need to rewind
Why don't you leave me alone?
Star 67 when you're dialing my phone
You're sounding all crazy when you call me at home
Relax and listen to the dial tone
Yeah, I know it's kinda hard to say, goodbye, but I'm sick of all the games you play
Say this, say that, you see my number on your cell, please delete that
You need to move on the time, because it's ticking
And you need to stop sticking around, around
Can't you see you're falling, and you're getting closer to...
Stop calling, you bugging, stop calling, you bugging
Stop calling, you bugging, stop calling, you bugging
We've been fighting this and here too long
Can't you see it's clear the love is gone?
When our kids both follow here are grown
No need to argue, just don't call my phone
If you need me too I'll make it known,
I will always love you yes for forever strong
You do you I'll do me on my own
Just as long as you don't call my phone
Please leave me alone, we just might give a doubts off
You can call someone, take a person,.. girl you're wasting my minutes
I gotta handle the menace
So you can stop calling, calling, calling, calling,
Stop, stop calling, calling, stop calling, calling, calling, calling
Stop calling, calling, calling, calling, calling, calling.

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